Brand identity creation, website design

I was hired to create the logo and brand identity for a Web3 fundraising platform called swiirl. The project also included revamping their website, which was built on Squarespace. I decided to rebuild the site using Webflow to make it feel more modern and technological. Since the platform is based on turning children’s art into NFTs, I thought having a black & white color palette would work well as a sort of “canvas”, and clippings of art and paint textures would represent the art. For the image assets, I used the black & white greyscale to create consistency across all the free stock photos and apply the color collage to develop kid and family-friendly images for promoting the brand.

Redcliffe Financial

Brand visual identity revamp, website design

Redcliffe & Co was going through an identity rebranding process to become Redcliffe Financial and wanted something more modern to represent their young millennial forward-thinking insurance brand. I revamped their logo and built their Wordpress website using Webflow, using inspiration from some fin-tech and Web3 brands.


Brand visual identity revamp, website mockup

I was hired by Phylagen to revamp their visual identity brand to become something less clinical and more earthy and scientific. We changed the color of their logo but did not change its formation. Including a new serif font into the brand identity created a sense of “biology textbook”, which is a look they were pleased with. I created the style guide mockup for the website, but did not develop it myself.