Art Director & Creative Director

Joining in a high growth year of 2019, I lead garten (then Oh My Green) through its rebranding process, updating all collateral and working with the branding agency on assets and photoshoots. For the past 4 years, I have been the driving force behind all things creative and have played an integral role in key marketing initiatives, crafting a compelling brand experience and sales presentations that have resulted in more than $14M in new inbound revenue opportunities. 

Originally as an Art Director and then Head of Creative, I was responsible for garten’s branding from web design, photography, marketing assets, online store design, copy direction, to kitchen signage, packaging and apparel. My goal at garten was to manage a small but mighty creative team and create the highest quality graphics, digital and multi-media assets on budget and on schedule. 

garten is a leading Corporate Wellness Services Company of 2022 and one of YC’s top start-ups, which partners with forward-thinking businesses to promote change and improve employee engagement through premium food and wellbeing activities.

garten Rebrand

Web, Social, Decks
Print and Signage Assets

Working with the San Francisco-based team Office, we elevated the garten brand identity from a previous iteration that was not as superior as we imagined it could be. The result was a modern, colorful, and premium feeling brand that translates well onto print, digital and social formats. I lead the complete overhaul of all marketing assets, including the website, decks, sell sheets, signage, stationery, apparel, ads, and social media.

garten Market

Fridge wrap design
Promotional Video

When garten bought Byte Technology and rebranded to garten Market, we created a new wrap design and promotional video to sell the units. I was in charge of both the print production of the wraps, hiring the videographer, and producing 2 shot videos. This promotional tool became very useful in gaining inbounds and closing sales. Currently, the video has over 8,000 views on YouTube.

garten Basket

Photography, Shopify site layout & development

After COVID-19 and the switch to hybrid offerings, garten pivoted to develop the garten Basket offering to deliver boxes of snacks to clients’ office locations. I was in charge of developing the Shopify site, which included template selection, layout, copy creation, and hiring developers for custom apps. I took photographs of the types of items and snacks that would be for sale on the site to create the digital marketing assets.

garten Packaging

Packaging designs for garten branded food products

garten had a few initiatives for packaging various food products, from single serving salads and foods, to bars and salty snacks. Due to COVID, most of these projects never made it past the sample production stage.